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Walk by Stefano CardoselliWalk is the new project by the very accomplished Italian artist Stefano Cardoselli. Stefano has seen his work in Heavy Metal, Antarctic Press and 2000 AD. Fans of Ralph Ellison, Simon Bisley and James Stokoe will immediately be fans of his work.

Today, Mr. Cardoselli is starting a new independent title called Walk which is currently accepting funding at Kickstarter.

The Blob Shack sat down in front of the old laptop and spoke with Mr. Cardoselli about his experience and new title this week.

Blob Sack: Hello Stefano, thank you for talking with me about your new book. Can you tell our readers where you are based?

Stefano Cardoselli: I was born in Tuscany. Today, I live in the Italian state of Puglia in south eastern Italy where I have founded my self-publishing company, Azurek Studios, with my wife Rita Gorgoni who is Co-Editor. Our work is starting to be featured in comics in the United States.

Blob Sack: Can you talk a little about your background in art and specifically comic art?

Stefano Cardoselli: I love drawing comics. This is one of those things that has grown on me. I think I wrote and drew my first comic when I was 8 years old! A war story. I was very interested in Spider-Man as a child.

I attended an art school and a school of comics in Rome and soon after I published a one-shot for Antarctic Press, a gothic fantasy with cover by Bryan Talbot and an introduction by Brian Holguin.

It was a nice debut as an artist. I was published for the first time with two great people of the world of comics. Then, I started seeing my stories published in Heavy Metal Magazine and it was like a dream come true. I always loved Heavy Metal magazine. I think I've seen the movie a million times but finding the actual magazine here in Italy is very difficult!

I must say a big thanks to Kevin Eastman and Rita Grogoni for their great interest, encouragement, and for believing in my stories. It's been nearly 10 years since my stories have been published in Heavy Metal and I their faith in me has helped tremendously.

Some books and stories have come out for 2000 AD, Adam Watson, Dark Slingers comics, comics Blue Water, Thirsty Shadow Productions, and others - I apologize if I missed something!

Stefano Cardoselli's Walk
Stefano's colors for Walk are "fired" onto the page in an unmistakable and unique way.

Blob Sack: You seem to render and draw action in a very fluid and dynamic way, the action flies out of the characters and scenes. Is there a specific influence (Ralph Ellison, Jackson Pollack) that you respond to or that you feel like you are influenced by?

Stefano Cardoselli: Maybe? I think there are some comparisons in your examples but I also am inspired by Simon Bisley, Kevin Eastman, Geof Darrow, Frank Miller to a large degree.

Blob Sack: The art style for both Holli Hoxxx and Walk is very intricate. Can you talk about the significance of the "stacking" of color and drawings and where this style comes from for you?

In Holli Hoxxx, I tried to create the appearance of a city in ruins, so I used "rusty" colors with sharp contrasts in color. I tried to give the style for Holli Hoxxx a unique color treatment. Details, I think, are fundamental to better understand the story and the characters.

I have to say the writers Tinus Austin and Adam did a great job both on script! They leave me with freedom in the creative process.

The ideas at work in Walk originate from my love for comics like Lobo by Simon Bisley and Griffen and music bands such as Pantera and White Zombie. As for the art, I used a different approach, the colors are "fired" even exaggerated in some scenes. I have spent an enormous amount of red color for sure.

In all this Thirsty Shadow Productions is fantastic. This a new publishing house that is really active. They gave me complete freedom with this book and with other books that are to be released soon.

Blob Sack: Can you tell new readers about your feeling about Walk's heroes and villains?

Stefano Cardoselli: All the characters are bad in "Walk"! Maybe some are worse than others... Our hero tries to get out alive from the book but will face armed gangs of super-clowns and other strange bad guys.

I want to thank Walk's production team: the splendid work of Brian S. Logan from Thirsty Shadow Productions, and the writing by Stephen Nelson and lettering of Bram Meehan.

Blob Sack: How much longer is your Kickstarter campaign?

Stefano Cardoselli: As of today there are still 12 days to go. We have raised 3/4ths of our $1,000 goal but we still need help to finish fund-raising.

Thank you to Stefano Cardoselli for taking the time to talk with me about his work and new book. Please stop at the Kickstarter campaign and contribute. Contributions get you rewards! Posters, pages and sketches at all levels of contribution.


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