Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Unmasked: The New Age Of Heroes

Kickstarter is becoming the 3rd largest publisher in the world of indie books.

One of the most deserving Kickstarter projects that I've ever seen is John Broglia and Michael Sarrao's action packed superhero adventure that makes superheroes fun and even dangerous again: Unmasked.

One of the biggest pitfalls of the modern superhero is that is predictably safe, predetermined and pre-packaged. What New Jersey based Mr. Broglia and Mr. Sarrao do is add realism and biting integrity to their heroes who can fail, bleed and even kill. This is comics without a safety net.

Unmasked: The New Age Heroes Volume One Graphic Novel which will be a 150 page full color book when fully funded by Kickstarter. According to the production team, Unmasked is about a young journalist who has discovered a conspiracy involving new, violent versions of her world's now deceased, classic superheroes.

This central character makes it her goal to unmask the New Age Heroes, since they are acting just as ruthless as the super-villians they are trying to defeat. The added twist is that we don't know the identities of these supposed heroes...readers will find out when our main characters do!

Unmasked is action packed with a love story, coming of age themes and a moral dilemma in an age surrounded by questionable leaders and the threat of society collapse.

Please stop by the Kickstarter site and donate, buy limited edition indie work and look forward to being a part of the production yourself by supporting indie publishing.


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