Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Drop Dead Dangerous

Drop Dead Dangerous by Chad Cabrera and Mike BantingDrop Dead Dangerous, a horror, mystery comic series that's set in the weird, weird west.

According to the authors it's a hardcore, hardboiled horror story. What I can tell you is that the art, courtesy of Mike Banting is amazing and fresh with many manga influences including Katshiro Otomo (Akira) and Osamu Tezuka (Astroboy) and the writing style and characters are haunting. There's tragedy and suspense surrounding the lead character, a serial killer hunting her and the tide of fly-covered bodies that pile up between the two.

Drop Dead Dangerous - Volume 1 is now available for digital readers on the Amazon Kindle! This Exclusive Edition collects the first three issues of the series with newly added and enhanced artwork, and additional bonus materials. The Kindle version comes in a whopping 117 pages and this digital-only release of issue #1 includes a cover gallery, pin-ups, character design sketches and an interview with the creators for just $4.99.

Drop Dead Dangerous
Art from the Drop Dead Dangerous series by Mike Banting delivers action and suspense.

I had a chance to speak with writer Chad Cabrera about his series and here's what he had to say.

Blob Shack: Hello, Chad. Good to have to you here. Can you tell our readers where your production team is based?

Chad Cabrera: Hi, thanks. Mike Banting and I are both based in the Philippines. We work on the comic and sell it at conventions and stores in Manila.

Blob Shack: How many years have you been involved in writing and comic production?

Chad Cabrera: We pretty much grew up together and have been trying to make comics since we were kids in grade school! We made our first attempt at releasing one back when we were college roommates (which was about ten years ago, I'm almost embarrassed to say), but it wasn't until 2010 when we finally got back together on working on one, the first issue of Drop Dead Dangerous, and released it at a local convention.

Blob Shack: Can you tell new readers about your book's heroes and villains?

Chad Cabrera: Drop Dead Dangerous is a horror/action manga with a noir-ish murder mystery at its core. It takes place in a sort of weird version of the Wild West with which we take A LOT of creative liberties in keeping with the manga and grindhouse aspects of it. I guess it's a more absurd and humorous hard-boiled detective story where, instead of fedoras, trenchcoats and gats, you got cowboy hats, ponchos and samurai swords.

Aside from the main antagonist who is a mask-wearing psycho slasher, we also have man-eating monsters. And Nazis. Maybe there will be ninjas?

Blob Shack: Who influenced you as a comic writer? Do you see specific influences in your own work today?

Chad Cabrera: My all-time favorite writer is probably Stephen King whose work I greatly admire for the very distinct voice he lends to his fiction. I also take a lot of inspiration from films, with which comics have a lot in common, and Dario Argento in particular is a favorite of mine because of the text he infuses his imagery with.

In comics, I'm a huge fan of the early Batman stuff from Frank Miller and Jeph Loeb, as well as Chris Claremont's original run on X-Men. I must admit that it wasn't until Tim Seeley's brilliant Hack/Slash came along that I got into horror comics. I just recently got acquainted with Steve Gerber's run on Man-Thing, and I absolutely loved it. Joss Whedon on anything Joss Whedon-related is also a joy.

That's it guys. Thanks to Mr. Cabrera for his time talking to this blog. You folks can easily find Drop Dead Dangerous at Amazon and at it's official site.


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