Thursday, March 08, 2012

Baman And Piderman

This show demonstrates that a low intelligence quotient is no impediment to superhero-hood.

Alex Butera and Lindsay Small, Boston area graphic artists and their hit show Baman and Piderman currently boasts 12,000 subscribers and nearly 10 million combined views of their animated series since 2009.

Baman and Piderman is a warm-hearted satire featuring extremely intellectually challenged versions of two of the most recognizable comic book heroes in the world namely Batman (Baman) and Spider-Man (Piderman). This irreverent theme is combined with an experimental and limited animation production style makes for some very entertaining viewing.

The show is at the start of it's second season as a web only animated series with 14 short episodes to it's credit and counting. A new episode will premiere on Youtube March 15th 2012.


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