Monday, November 07, 2011

The Maxx

"The Maxx," was a short lived animated television program based on the Image comic book series created by artist and writer Sam Keith in the 1980's. The comic and show chronicles the story of a man/monster who travels between two worlds. In our world, he is a homeless man living in a cardboard box in the City. In his imaginary world of Pangea, he is the fearless protector of the Jungle Princess - powerful and wild. In our world, the Jungle Princess is a meek, frustrated social worker named Julie.

The Maxx, along with a host of new animated series that MTV championed in the 1990's, has extremely production standards. This includes impressively detailed drawings and compelling voice-over talents. This show that and Peter Chung's excellent Aeon Flux MTV animated series both delivered cinematic animation to the small screen before MTV executive pulled the plug on the animation initiative leaving Cartoon Network and local Fox stations with sole possession of animated programming for teens and adults.


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