Friday, July 01, 2011

The Books Of Blood

The Books Of BloodThe Books Of Blood series are a 1985 anthology of imaginative and shocking horror stories compiled by writer and director Clive Barker and the perfect introduction to the darkened corners of the human mind. Much like Stephen King or Edgar Allan Poe, Barker's ability to create a series of intensely imaginative short stories that fully incorporate fantasy elements within the everyday is at it's hardest hitting best.

The Books of Blood, the first story in the series, is the central "wrapper" story that contains the rest of the books. This "wrapper" concept was originally written by apparitions in bright, red letters ripped into the flesh of a boy in the presence of a paranormal investigator.

These supernatural writings contains several stories including: The Midnight Meat Train later to be made into a 2008 film starring Vinnie Jones and Bradley Cooper, The Yattering and Jack which later was made into a Tales From The Darkside episode, Pig Blood Blues a kind of The Stand w/ghosts, Sex, Death and Starshine that features elements from Hell Raiser, Dread an unusual study in victimization, Rawhead Rex which became one of the most heavily censored movies in UK film history, The Forbidden featuring the first appearance of the Candyman and one of the most original short stories ever published in English: Human Remains.

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