Monday, February 14, 2011


Methland by Nick RedingMethland are the true stories of the socio-economic forces of greed and despair that have destroyed many regions of rural America. Methland analyzes beginngs of the drug as a legal stimulant, the legitimate sources of the drug and the the traffic of methamphetamine from Mexico to California to small towns in Iowa and Indiana.

The book focuses on Olwein, a small isolated Iowan town, and by doing so examines the process of small town culture from industrious and self-sustaining to a third world country. There are many more towns like Olwein where the factory or plant has shut down and the infrastructure that used to support it crumbles.

Methland features Roland Jarvis a meth cook who literally blew his face off (along with several layers of his skin), Lori Arnold the one-time queen of meth (sister to comedian Tom Arnold) and the Mexican Drug Trafficking Organizations who use illegal immigration of migrant and undocumented workers to Olwein's meat packing plant as a cover for funneling tons of cheap crank into Midwestern America.

A very well written account of widespread Meth addition and the U.S. Government's efforts to control it. Featuring local and federal law makers including former Rep. Mark Souder(R-IN) whose Combat Meth Act from 2006 was one of the first real (and long overdue) pieces of legislation to fight Meth in America.

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