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Under The Dome

Under The Dome

It has been a long, strange road for master horror writer Stephen King. King has lived on both ends of the writers' spectrum from being a struggling, penniless genius to becoming a recognized master of his craft. However, in the late 1970's, prior to his unparalleled success as a horror writer, Stephen King nearly shredded the manuscript for the future blockbuster Carrie in sheer frustration.

According to his 2002 non-fiction book On Writing, he viewed working as a high school janitor or as a substitute English teacher as inspirational for a book like Carrie or Christine but a true hell for the old sense of self-esteem. Today in 2010, King has seen his work made into immensely eerie and resounding films by Stanley Kubrick who directed The Shining (He-e-re's Johnny!), the outstanding pulse-pounder The Mist as well as The Shawshank Redemption (1994) and The Green Mile (1999). These last three were each directed by Frank Darabont.

Under The Dome, released in November of 2009, comes years after King collided with a series of struggles and catastrophes that were both man-made and self-inflicted. In his newest novel, Stephen King attempts to make a most welcome return to his proper bone-chilling form by finding his textured and toned voice once again.

Under The Dome is a 1,075 page exploration of a modern mini-apocalypse that takes place as a mysterious alien glass dome, large enough to cover an entire small town, descends over Chester's Mill, Maine.

Under The Dome is unlike 2006's interesting but ultimately thinly premised Cell (cellphone plus yuppie equals zombie?) and is very much like a fresh take on King's argueably best book: The Stand from 1978 with elements of smalltown meltdown that made Needful Things and The Tommyknockers good books. From the beginning of Under The Dome, readers are offered King's detailed, unique and burning vision of a quiet world set afire by the extraordinary.

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