Wednesday, February 24, 2010

The Thin Red Line

The Thin Red Line by James Jones
James Jones was one hell of a writer. His book The Thin Red Line demonstrates a mastery of the craft by telling essentially the same story through the eyes, hands, wounds, deaths and mouths of many different men as World War Two raged in the South Pacific. In the middle of fierce fire fights, his characters reflect, almost emotionally detached from the merciless deaths they encounter on the grim butchery of warcraft:

"This was war? There was no superior test of strength here, no superb swordsmanship, no bellowing Viking heroism, no expert marksmanship. This was only numbers. He was being killed for numbers."

This brutal and graphic account, based on Jones own experiences as a WWII Army Sergeant at Guadalcanal, is easily one of the most authentically skull rattling books about war and the senselessness that overcomes the men who wage that war.

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