Saturday, November 21, 2009

God's Demon

God's Demon by Wayne Barlowe
God's Demon, released in Fall of 2007, is Wayne Barlowe's demonic world war set in the driest, darkest wastelands of Hell.

In God's Demon, a defeated Lucifer is lost. His surrogate, Beelzebub, rules over the various bizarre fiefdoms in the eternally warring abyss. The air in Hell itself, is cursed with ash and evil. The ceaseless tide of arriving human souls are mercilessly tortured and saddled with a gaping hole in their chests where a mysical pain-inflicting "Burden" now rests instead of a soul. They writhe in pain - if they are lucky. Untold millions more damned humans can no longer toil for their overseers. These unlucky masses are summarily converted into "soul-bricks" then built into towering cyclopean columns and thick keep walls for their masters the Demons Major.

As a production artist on Guillermo Del Toro's Hell Boy series, Barlowes's work was intricate and unusual. This style is much more carefully elaborated in print in Hell, where the lawfully evil Lord Sargantanas, the chaotic and bloodthirsty regent Beelzebub (whose body is made out hundreds of millions of stinging flys), a banished ex-God, and the soul of Hannibal Barca wrestle for control of the darkest of all dominions.

There are additional colorful and well-realized chracters, including imprisoned giants and the only "life" naturally occuring in Hell - the semi-intelligent Abyssals. They serve to push the story along at crucial moments and many of which are utterly destroyed in the terrible carnage as Hell unmakes itself.

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