Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Mind My Gap

Mind My Gap Ep VIII
Rosto is a Danish animator and artist who has a growing following in the US. Picture the tall mathematician character Jeff Goldblum played in Jurassic Park with a with a darker sense of humor and evil looking goatee - and you have the guy.

In 2003, I was very fortunate to meet him in Minneapolis during a screening of his award-winning animated film Anglo-Billy Feverson.

Rosto uses story-telling elements from his graphic novels like Stream of Consciousness and Broken Narrative to shape his unusual settings. This effect is even more powerful with the addition of multiple animation techniques: oil, stop-motion, motion graphics and amazing CG/3d models. Rosto has enjoyed a period of great critical success winning acclaim in the Taos Film Fest, Revelation Perth, and the Hong Kong International Film Fest.

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